Finding Good Computer Support

Finding Good Computer Support for your Home or Business 

There are times when we want to throw the computer out the window.  It can be so frustrating especially when you can’t fix the damn thing yourself and you just can’t call your IT son in-law anymore.  Especially when he lives three states away and every time you call you end up in his voicemail.

So, you decide it’s time to take that deep breath and call a local pro to make things better. This first decision to not bother your son in-law might be the easiest choice. Deciding where to get help will be 10 times more agonizing.

Who do you trust?  It seems everyone knows someone in the computer field but it will be best to choose someone who focuses on your area of needs. If you need support in the home use someone whose niche is the residential market. If you run a small business and your IT guru has not returned your last ten phone calls, don’t turn to your cousin fresh out of training to some your computer and network problems.

The point here is don’t use someone who works mostly with large companies for your small business, for when it is your turn for help you are not going to get good service.  And the same applies for your home, using an individual consultant that has 50 small business clients will be paying more attention to them when their wheels start squeaking.

So how to choose: Most cities have an abundant supply of computer support companies and individual consultants to choose from.  Try asking a friend or neighbor if you need support at home.  If that gets you nowhere, try searching on the internet by location and what you are looking for such as: “Bethesda Computer Support.”

Once you found a few, try checking them on Yelp or Angies List for customer reviews. They can be very helpful and tell you things you never expect.

Happy Hunting!