Should I get breast implants?

The idea of breast implants has become a new trend in the cosmetic surgery industry, having about 30 percent of women in their 20s and upwards of 35 percent in their 30s getting breast enhancement procedures. However, a breast augmentation procedure still seems to be having some stigma attached with it; this is especially so in the fashion world, as half the battle these women face is hiding that they have gotten implants. As a result, there are a few things that you would need to know that would better answer the question as to whether you should get breast implants.  Be sure to have lengthy discussions with a few different doctors before you take your final decision.

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What you need to now before breast implants

  • Your first breast surgery will not be the last one

It is incredible that after the first breast procedure, around 25 percent of women will go in for another surgery in less than 10 years. The reason is implants do not last forever as they could begin to leak or possibly a ‘scar shell’ could start developing around the implant. This would warp the shape of the breast leading the patient back to the doctor for maintenance or a rebuild.  Other factors for secondary surgery could be to pregnancy, weight loss or you simply change your preference on the breast size you desire.

  • Your breasts will feel different

The most popular breast implants are made of silicone, they might feel similar to the real breast but let us remember this is still a manufactured product and will not feel like natural breast tissue. Nevertheless, if you are considering smaller implants or those that are placed just below the breast muscle, it may be very difficult for people to detect. Even so, you goal should be the most natural look as opposed to how they may feel to someone.


  • First, try different boob sizes

The process of getting breast implants is a life changing decision. Therefore, it is important that your try out different sizes and explore your options before you decide. You can use ‘sizers’, which will allow you to try different sizes by stuffing your bra, giving you the ideal proportions that will compliment your image.  It actually would be a good idea to implore a friend that can give an honest opinion.  Think of it as dress shopping, it’s good to have a second opinion.

  • You cannot move from small to huge

If your plan was to move immediately from your natural small A cup to a huge DD cup, sorry to disappoint you, but this is not possible. Therefore, set realistic goals to avoid any disappointments. The reason behind this is, your skin and your body will need to be given adequate time to adjust to the drastic changes you are making. As a result, a good surgeon for your breast implants will suggest that you only go a couple of cup sizes up for the first surgery and then gradually increase the size of the implants.

Talk with your surgeon today to see if implants are right for you.  To learn more you might want to also check out your LinkedIn page for reputable doctors in your area.